Norwex Cleaning Product Review

December 8, 2011
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I know, it's strange, but when I get new cleaning supplies (and office supplies too) I save them for the "right" day. Well, I was so thrilled to meet Susan (by the way she's the sweetest mom of the two cutest boys) with Norwex products.  I am not a mommy blogger and don't normally write product reviews but when this opportunity came up, I jumped on it! Susan sent me a free care package of cleaning products to check out and write an unbiased review.

The Norwex Mission Statement is "To improve quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning."  This sounds right up my alley.  We have been reducing chemicals in our home for the last two years.

The three Norwex products Susan chose for me were:

1. Envirocloth, blue - multipurpose antibac microfiber

2. Polish cloth, purple - antibac window cloth

3. Body cloth, beige - antibac personal care cloth

First thing I did was read the Norwex 2011 Catalog. The backbone of their product line is antibac (anti-bacterial silver-based agent) microfiber. Microfiber cloths are known for attracting and holding dirt and moisture.  Cotton rags just push the dirt around. The Norwex high quality antibac microfiber combines a silver based agent, making it anti-bacterial, with a polyester/polyamide blended microfiber.  OK, so I was ready to put the cloths to the test and compare them to the various microfiber cloths I have purchased over the years from Target and the dollar store.

I started with the Envirocloth. In a dry state it can be used for dusting.  Look at the before and after pictures of my kitchen cabinet edge. WOW, that collected a lot of dust that I didn't even notice!  

After dusting around a bit I was excited to try it damp.  The cloth is a very generous size so you can fold it up and have many surfaces to wipe with before rinsing it. Look at my filthy kitchen counter.  I moistened the cloth and with one swipe it caught all this dirt. Wow!

Then the phone rang and I started emptying the dishwasher. OMG look how filthy the edge of my dishwasher is. GROSS!  Let's see the Envirocloth do it's stuff. It is like a superhero. HA, two wipes and then edge is clean. 

I AM SOLD! I might go crazy and start cleaning everything in sight, but I have more products to test.

I have noticed other cloths start to smell after use. I think this is because they are actually holding the bacteria and germs which grosses me out.  I completely soaked the Envirocloth under the faucet.  No odor at all! I  I will be sure to follow the care instructions when washing this cloth and time will tell how it will hold up. I am sure with a two year warranty I won't have to worry about it falling apart like the microfiber cloths I have bought in other stores.

Next is the purple Polish Cloth. Besides windows this cloth can be used for mirrors and all your shiny surfaces using only water.  With two young tooth-brushing kids this should be an easy test! YES! this cloth got my daughter's mirror streak-free and her faucet sparkly in only a few moments.  

I must admit I own another microfiber cloth that I use on mirrors and windows.  I have no idea where I bought it or when.  It is not anti-bacterial, which is fine for windows, but it bothers me to use it on bathroom fixtures because it won't get rid of the germs.  Norwex states "anitbac microfiber removed 99.9% of germs and bacteria from washable surfaces and inactivated them within a 24 hour timeframe.  The silver antibacterial fiber has self purification properties, where germs and bacteria are inactivated." 

The Norwex Body Cloth is suitable for removing make-up, for washing your face or for use in the shower.  Personal care products are another area of our home where we are reducing toxicity.  I do purchase and use an eye make-up remover which has chemicals in it.  My test was to remove my eye liner and mascara with the body cloth and water.  Voila, it worked!


These cloths will not cross-contaminate or smell badly like sponges, cotton rags and other products.  They all have a two-year warranty but Susan said with proper care they can last upwards of 7-10 years.  I think it is worth the investment.

You can contact Susan Gieib with any questions.  Place an order by December 16th to get in time for Christmas.  Or schedule a party and check out the great hostess deals!

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