WAIT a Minute, There's MORE!

By Gail Keller - Macaroni Kid JoCo February 15, 2017

We are 2 weeks in to having our new site.  We hope you love our new look and feel as much as we do!

In an attempt to condense your weekly e-news, it will now just contain a few articles and event highlights. There is so much more on our website, including dozens of local events and activities that you can now search by date, age, and category! You can find them all at

Looking for our local business features, crafts, and recipes? You can find them all at They are now searchable by keyword and category with more categories coming soon!

Our new updated Johnson County Business Directory at is in the works! Our goal is to bring you the best locally-owned and operated businesses and organizations!

Plus, we've added a brand new Guides section at! Our Upcoming Spring Break Guide are in the works and others will be added soon ... including our Summer Camp Guide!

Find it all at

Have a question? Contact me at