Safely Delicious Yummy Bites - Product Review

Allergy-Free Snacks

By Gail Keller - Macaroni Kid JoCo March 21, 2017

I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Ragan, creator and owner of Safely Delicious™ snacks. Lisa is an Overland Park mom of four kids. Like many of the best mom-invented businesses, Safely Delicious was born from her personal need. Lisa's children had various food allergies and she wanted to make homemade snacks for them. Safely Delicious snacks look and taste similar to other popular snacks, but without the top 8 food allergens! These snacks are free of gluten, dairy, peanut, tree nuts, soy and egg.

Grace (11) was happy to help me with this taste test. We tested the complete product line:

1) Yummy Classic Bites™ 
Made with semi-sweet chocolate - On first taste we were surprised how light these treats were. They have a nice amount of crunch.

2) Yummy Dark Bites
Made with dark chocolate - I love dark chocolate and could see myself gobbling these down. I would definitely need some self-control around a bag of these!

3) Yummy Winter Bites
Made with dark chocolate and organic peppermint candy - The amount of mint was absolutely perfect. Not too strong but very nice flavor. I think these were our favorites!

4) Yummy Mocha Bites
Made with semi-sweet chocolate and coffee - If you like coffee, you will love these! This was the only flavor Grace did not care for as she has not acquired a taste for coffee yet.

I must say that I loved every single bite! I can't wait to try new Yummy Spring Bites™ Dark Chocolate Raspberry flavor!

Five reasons to buy these snacks:

1. For anyone with the top 8 food allergies

2. For an Easter basket

3. For a special teacher gift

4. To treat yourself

5. To support a local Mom-owned business!

Safely Delicious™ snacks are available from Lisa's website at