By Gail Keller - Publisher Macaroni Kid JoCo June 8, 2017

I upload so much content to our website each week, it is really a challenge to determine what to share with you in our Thursday e-news. I encourage you to visit our website to take advantage of all the free resources available to.


Looking for our local business features, crafts, and recipes? You can find them all atย They are now searchable by keyword and category with more categories coming soon!


There are hundreds of local events and activities that you can see! You can find them all atย ย There is also a Month at a Glance calendar on this page as well as way to Submit an Event to us!


Our new updated Johnson County Business Directory at is functioning! Our goal is to bring you the best locally-owned and operated businesses and organizations!


One of our best features is our new Guides section at! There you will find a compilation of events that fall under categories

Find it all at

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