Science with Preschoolers - Water and Oil Art

By Lacy Carpenter - Field Writer June 27, 2018

See our week one experiment here

Week two - Water and Oil Art

You will need:
Food coloring
Cooking Oil
Glass dish


1. Mix up various food colors and water. I like to use those tiny bowls that the cooking shows use to pre-measure things.  Because really what does the average person use those little bowls for?

2. Pour oil into something see through. I used a glass casserole dish. It really does not matter what you use as long as it is see through it.

3. I used baby medicine droppers to move the colored water to the oil. Thank goodness for my hoarding habits. Just grab what you have. A spoon, a straw, a dropper anything that your little one can use to move water to the oil.

4. As the water gets dropped into the oil it creates some pretty art. You can just leave it at that if you want or you can talk about why oil and water do not mix. What is polarity? What liquid is denser?

5. Since you already have the materials out you can attach another experiment to this one. Do the same thing with vinegar and the oil. What does your child hypothesize will happen with the vinegar is dropped into the oil? Or you can add ice. What will happen when the ice melts?