School at Home Daily Checklist

March 24, 2020

Are you suddenly thrust in to schooling your child at home and starting to panic?  No worries, you can do this, and we are here to help!  We have created this School at Home Daily Checklist to help make your day run a little smoother with a little less "I'm board" or "Can I have screen time now?". 

This is a checklist our family used over the summer in our house and now I've adapted it to include school work.  I like to laminate them so they can be checked off and wiped new daily.  Dry erase method also allows me to write in their chores for the day.  I print one for each child to have their own and tape them to the fridge.

With 6 years of homeschool experience, with three kids, I can tell you that having some type of schedule helps make for a much better day!  I found my kids dreaded the idea of a strict schedule so I created this as an alternative to get done what we needed but allow flexibility!  They get to choose what order they do things, just check it off as they complete it.  If they are the type that likes to get up and start on math, to get it out of the way, they can do that!  If they need some time first, they can do that too.  After they have completed four items on the list, they earn 30 minutes of screen time.  They can use that immediately or after they've earned more.  Two hours is the max screen time I want them to have for the day but you can adjust (ie. earn 20min for every four, instead of 30min).  

Want an editable version to suit it to fit your family?  Here you go:

Note: Even though "in person" events are cancelled, we still have our calendar full of the various free online activites/events for your family!  Be sure to check them out and continue to follow Macaroni Kid.  Before to long our calendar will be filled back up with fun LOCAL events for families.  Hang in there!