“Be the Change” with raptivist Joey FineRhyme

Virtual performance and Zoom session

September 30, 2020

This virtual concert video brings climate change and sustainability to life through rapJCCC and the Carlsen Center Arts Education department present raptivist (rap activist) Joey FineRhyme in a virtual concert-style video about climate change and sustainability.

“Be the Change” inspires students to take action and make a dierence in their world. Using a STEM plus arts approach to climate change and sustainability education, Joey FineRhyme’s “raptivism” (rap activism) is a pivotal part of the program. “Be the Change” includes current news on climate and waste in the form of Rap Reports and sheds light on how human response to the coronavirus is impacting the natural environment.

“Rap” with Joey! Start by booking a personalized Zoom with Joey, where you’ll delve deeper into sustainability by talking – and rapping! – with him for 30 to 45 minutes. He’ll answer questions, share more information and do a little freestyle rap.
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• Receive the concert video 10 days prior to your Zoom
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• Zoom with Joey
And double the Zoom fun as a JCCC sustainability expert joins the session to share ideas for making sustainable decisions.

You’ll be able to provide date/time preferences for the Zoom when you request the program, below. Zooms will be scheduled for one classroom at a time; families will join other families for their Zoom session.

Since 2009, FineRhyme has educated more than 70,000 K-12 students about our shared environmental challenges and what we can do to address them. Building o science content around energy, climate and waste, his assemblies emphasize action and responsibility. His “raptivism” – high-energy original rap music used to educate and inspire environmental action – sets his performances apart.

Free for schools and families in the Kansas City Metro Area! Watch the 45-minute concert-style video from your home or classroom. This program is ideal for 5th- through 8th-graders. “Be the Change” is underwritten by Carlsen Center’s Arts Education and JCCC’s Sustainability departments.