Layer the Walls by Grand Pistachio virtual workshops

By Johnson County Community College January 13, 2021

Layer the Walls
November 1, 2020 – June 1, 2021 | Seven video options | VIRTUAL EVENTS
2nd – 7th grade | See details below for price.

Virtual education workshops on a timely topic, commissioned by the Carlsen Center’s Arts Education department.

Children's theater company Grand Pistachio created the stage performance “Layer the Walls” to honor ordinary people often left out of the history books. The performance explores the stories of a New York City tenement apartment that was once home to hundreds of new immigrants. Shadow and Bunraku puppetry, along with masks, bring to life some of the Irish, Italian and Jewish families who have helped shape America.

The 10 workshops based on the “Layer the Walls” theatrical production are asynchronous so teachers can use them in the classroom or virtual instruction to support curriculum as needed. The episodes are designed to be completed by students on their own time. Subjects covered include history, immigration, puppetry and theater techniques. Educators can choose from seven prerecorded video options (six individual sessions and one four-session package), receiving the video link(s) once they pay, to use any time within three weeks.

Educators receive:

  • Prerecorded video link
  • Education guide for each episode ordered
  • Programming that stimulates multiple learning styles
  • Artistic ways for students to engage with immigration content
  • Opportunities for students to actively learn and practice a variety of theatrical styles

Per video (for the “Show Excerpts & Artist Dialogue” and “Active Artist Workshops”):
Whole school: $150 | Classroom: $40 | Homeschool under 20: $20

For the four-session “Immersive Historical Drama Experience” package:
Whole school: $450 | Classroom: $120 | Homeschool under 20: $60

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