Dinosaur Drive Thru- Happening Now Through May 2nd! We've got 25% off!

April 12, 2021

Dinosaur Drive Thru is at Worlds of Fun now through May 2nd! 

Dinosaur Drive-Thru is the fastest growing, one-of-a-kind, drive-thru adventure that is both family friendly, and COVID friendly, because all of our guests stay in their vehicles for the entire 45-minute tour.

Our dinosaurs are NOT statues. Our exhibit features 60 thrilling, museum quality, life-sized and animatronic dinosaurs that come alive with their life-like movements and roars. Your entire drive-thru adventure is guided by a very entertaining audio tour that informs you about the interesting and fun facts of every dinosaur that you see. There is even an interactive trivia game, that each vehicle plays throughout the tour, with a free scorecard and a free certificate to the winner at the end of the show!

Seeing Dinosaur Drive-Thru during the day really shows the details of each dinosaur, but seeing our show at night is also exciting, because we illuminate each dinosaur with colorful lights to make them look even more realistic. Our DINO-mite adventure is designed for you to feel the excitement of what it would be like to go on a prehistoric safari. Instead of lions and tigers, it’s T-Rexs and Raptors!

Get your tickets today at, and use code KID25 for 25% off through Certifikid, Macaroni Kid’s parent company!