Finding swim lessons on your to-do list? Here's our Emler experience!

By Melissa Basgall, Publisher Macaroni Kid KC/JoCo/KCK April 12, 2021

Summer is approaching, and I’ve seen a major uptick in local moms groups, from mamas asking about where to take their kiddos for swim lessons leading up to summer or during the summer months. We have relied on Emler Swim School since 2019, and have had an incredible experience. 

I thought it would be fun to share some quick video clips, which showcase my daughter's progress the first year she took lessons at Emler. 

April, 2019

Just a few months later, July 2019

And just a few months after that, October, 2019

Now, it's April of 2021, and my daughter can swim independently. Check out the breath control!

She's still taking lessons at Emler, and they continue to work with her on swimming technique, safety, and more. Swim lessons remain her favorite activity of the week, and I get peace of mind knowing she's learning life saving swim skills, as well as having a great time.

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