Beyond the Individual: A Unique Approach to Mental & Behavioral Health

Beyond the Individual is Here to Help!

By Dr. Katrina Ostmeyer, PhD, BCBA, LBA, of Beyond the Individual June 30, 2023

As the parent of two children, it seems my husband and I came with a specific genetic code. Both of our children carry diagnoses of OCD and ADHD, and that and a love of Star Wars are truly the only things that my children really share in common. My oldest is a little zany, soft-hearted, and a gifted musician and mathematician. My youngest is strong-willed, reads people (a little too well…), and is ever the linguist. To say that both of my children need different approaches in parenting and in how we approach their behavior and mental health is an understatement!  

My experience as a parent has guided much of what I do in my professional career as a psychologist and behavior analyst. My kids’ profiles don’t fit into a clean diagnostic box and truthfully, this is the case for many children.  With that, I started Beyond the Individual, a clinic that focuses on meeting diverse behavioral health needs through the flexible application of behavioral principles. While many children and families may find what they need through traditional, once/week talk therapy, others need a different approach. Beyond the Individual offers a novel service model to help these families access the therapies and resources they need for meaningful outcomes. By following this process, we are able to meet diverse client needs, including the needs of those who fail to respond to other services within the mental health system. This model focuses on providing a continuum of evidence-based, behavioral services as seen in the infographic below.

In addition to this treatment model, we continue to offer psychological assessment services with an emphasis on not only giving a diagnosis, but also helping families understand the biological, environmental, and social factors associated with that diagnosis. Further, we focus on helping families access systems of care and foster an understanding of next steps when accessing evidence-based therapies and community resources.  

Finally, early childhood years are often marked by behaviors such as tantrums and learning new skills such as toileting and emotional regulation. We offer both individualized and group services to help support families in getting through these often trying years to promote optimal development and positive family relationships. Please visit us at to see our current group offerings.

We would love to have the opportunity to share information about our programs and help answer any questions you may have regarding our programs and services. Please feel free to reach out directly at or call us at 913-213-0676 and we can schedule a free consultation to discuss your family’s needs today.