Doulas of Greater Kansas City

Doulas of Greater Kansas City is a non-profit organization consisting of independent doulas trained to provide education and support for people during their pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum journeys. Our organization consists of professional doulas that each bring their own unique talents, philosophies, and services to their clients. These may include: massage therapy, placenta encapsulation, maternity and newborn photography, childbirth and newborn education, household organization, blessing way ceremonies, and more. 

We strive to create a safe and positive community for doulas and their clients in the Greater Kansas City area by fostering respect, knowledge and integrity as well as offering hospital and community connections, continued education, networking and social gatherings. Our vision is a supportive community in which parents are informed, respected, and encouraged to make birth and postpartum decisions that are appropriate for themselves and their babies. 

For over 20 years, Doulas of Greater Kansas City has provided a space for families to connect with a wide variety of quality doulas and find that special support person for their journey.  Our goal continues to be providing unbiased, professional care to families in all birth settings.  We believe that there should be a doula for any pregnant person that wants one. Therefore, financial assistance is also available to families in need of birth and postpartum support. Set up free consultations today and find the perfect doula for your family!