Play-Well TEKnologies

Our Core Engineering programs are our biggest “sandbox;” this is the safe space for kids to learn and discover the most through play. It’s about the process, not the result. Themed classes and camps explore imaginative worlds that kids already know and love, such as Star Wars or Ninjago

The Core Engineering curriculum consists of Intro to STEM and STEM Challenge. These programs are broad in theme and draw upon the greatest variety of possible projects. Returning students will be given new building challenges. Our Advanced Engineering programs are designed for experienced students. Themed classes and camps such as Jedi Engineering and Super Hero Engineering incorporate many engineering concepts, and have no prerequisites. 

Our newest camp themes this summer include: Harry Potter Magical Engineering, Minecraft GAMING with LEGO®, Intro to Robotics & Advanced Robotics with LEGO systems, Super Hero Engineering using LEGO®, and Bash 'em Bots challenge engineering with LEGO®.

Summer camps begin May 28th and run until August 9th. For more details on pricing, location and how to register, visit: (For Missouri), or (For Kansas)