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Boomtown Builders 

A Structural Engineering, Architecture and City Planning Camp for Kids from 5 to 9

Are your kids the ones who:        

  • Have covered every square foot of your house with his or her construction projects?
  • Refuses to let you take any of them apart?       
  • Would rather watch construction crews at work than go to the movies?

Then, they'll LOVE Boomtown Builders! 

They'll build and build and build - and your house will still be tidy when it's all done.  Better still, they’ll be learning all kinds of hard-core engineering and physics while they’re having the time of their lives.This camp will take kids through the entire process of designing and engineering all sorts of structures.  They’ll learn about structural engineering, architecture, city planning and transportation planning.  Then, they will work together to layout a city plan and build the model city of their dreams – using LEGOs!


Abracadabra!  Is It Magic, or Is It Science?  

A Deep-Dive into Magical and Mysterious Physics and Chemistry for 5 to 9 Year Olds

This summer, “The School of Wizardry and Magic” is in session! We’ll mix up chemical concoctions, perform feats of illusion and dazzle the audience with super science spells. Together, we will de-mystify the most mystifying feats of magic as we explore:

  • Hydro Magic
  • Chemical Potions     
  • Magnetic Magic    
  • Abnormal Physics   
  • Elect-Tricks        

Freaky Optics & IllusionsAnd, as our magicians-in-training are waving their wands, they will be learning the science behind the magic. They will learn about atmospheric pressure, polymers, thermodynamics, mass, gravity, acids, bases, indicators, chemical reactions, flame test, fluorescence, sublimation, exothermic and endothermic reactions and lots more. On the last day, the kids will put on a Marvelous Magic Show for family and friends.


Robo Camp 

City Shaper - Design, Build, Program and Compete in the City Shaper Challenge for Kids 9 to 14

  FLL invites your kids to envision a better world in which to live - to redesign the cities, towns, and places you call home in ways that make them safer and more enjoyable. During this program, we will:

  • Play Team-Building Games – Solving big challenges requires great teamwork, and we foster these skills through games and a team-oriented                         approach to all our projects.
  •  Learn How to Build Strong – A lesson in structural engineering
  • Solve Engineering Challenges – Putting those building lessons to work
  • Design Great Robots – The kids will learn tips and tricks for building a robot that actually works
  • Scope Out the Playing Field – See where you’ll meet soaring success or crushing defeat…not really, competition is all for fun, right?
  • Build Lots of Cool Stuff – This is where you get to put your mark on the robot world – add arms, design rams, create the next modern marvel…                        Navigating Effectively – You won’t love your ‘bot if it plays “dead bug” on the mat; so, we’ll show you how to get it to jump tall buildings in a single                         leap…or, at least, go where it’s supposed to go
  • Take a Class in Programming 101 – A lesson in how to talk “robot”
  • Program Your ‘Bots – Putting that programming lesson to work
  • Put It All Together - Test all that cool stuff you've been building and make it work.
  • Compete – This is where you find out what your robot’s made of! (Parents and grandparents are welcome to come, see what the kids have done and                         enjoy the show!)
  • Win Cool Prizes


Rockets Away! 

Explore Physics, Aeronautics and Engineering While Making and Flying Dozens of RocketsTighten those seatbelts and prepare to blast off for the ultimate experience in rocketry. If you like (harmlessly) blasting objects into the lower atmosphere, if you are intrigued with (benign) explosives and/or you love to make things go (safely) “boom,” this is the camp for you!You will learn how to build and launch:

  • Water Rockets
  • Balloon Rockets
  • Seltzer Rockets
  • Bottle Rockets
  • Solid-Fuel Rockets
  •  And, compete in the Mission to Mars Challenge

While this class is all about fun, you’ll also be learning a lot of hands-on, applied physics and math while you’re building those rockets.  Over the course of this program, you will test different nose cone and fin designs, try out various payloads and track flight paths and altitudes as you fly your various rockets. You will also learn about kinematics, vectors, projectile motion, Newton’s laws of motion, the chemistry of combustion reactions, aerodynamics and stability.   And, with every 3-2-1-Liftoff!, you will be a step closer to becoming a true rocket scientist!Then, on the final day, we will tackle the “Mission to Mars.”  For this exciting challenge, we will take your solid-fuel rockets for a test flight at a local park.  Invite your family, bring a picnic and get ready for the wildest, coolest blast off yet.  We will set up launch pads, a control station and see if you can get your rockets to Mars – or, at least, to a variety of height and distance targets.  It’s sure to be a blast – literally and figuratively.