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Macaroni KID JoCo is THE way to reach JoCo families.

By Melissa Basgall, Editor and Publisher October 15, 2021

Macaroni KID Overland Park-Olathe-Shawnee is THE go-to family resource to reach Johnson County area families.

Macaroni KID Overland Park-Olathe-Shawnee is THE trusted local resource for families looking for family fun in the JoCo region. That makes Macaroni KID Overland Park-Olathe-Shawnee the best outlet for you to spread the message about your business, organization, or event. 

We can help you build brand recognition, promote a special event, increase traffic on slow days, launch a new product, service, or location, or share your expertise with our Overland Park-Olathe-Shawnee community. 

We love using Macaroni KID Overland Park-Olathe-Shawnee as a platform to promote Johnson County and its local businesses and organizations!

Flip through to learn about Macaroni KID Overland Park-Olathe-Shawnee, as well as our two other sites, Macaroni Kid Downtown-South KC and Macaroni Kid KCK-Leavenworth!

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Why choose Macaroni KID Overland Park-Olathe-Shawnee as the place to spend your marketing dollars?

1. We can help you reach thousands of JoCo parents and families each week

Targeted marketing is the best marketing. 

Macaroni KID Overland Park-Olathe-Shawnee is the largest parent-focused online media resource in Johnson County. Each week we send an email newsletter to our 10,000+ subscribers. Newsletters include local family-friendly happenings, events, and activities, along with information about the local businesses families are looking for.

2. Our unique expertise

Not only do we have an excellent connection with local readers, but we work hard to build relationships with all members of the community. Having grown up in the Olathe, and raising my daughter in the area, my family is engrained in the community and 100% fully invested in helping our unique business community thrive.

3. Our readers

Macaroni KID Overland Park-Olathe-Shawnee readers are up on everything happening in our community. Their kids got their first library card at six. They show up (on time) for school concerts. They are soccer parents, working parents and stay-at-home parents. They are passionate about supporting local businesses in our community. Macaroni KID readers are THE ideal audience for local businesses that want to connect with moms and families in our areas.

Advertising options and examples of our work:

Display ads:

Display ads on Macaroni KID are targeted, no-waste marketing for your local business. Ads are seen on the website and in the weekly email newsletter, and are visible on both mobile and desktop. No matter what page our reader clicks on, your ad will be visually placed for the reader to see and take action.

Leaderboard ad sample:

Sidebar ad sample:

Sponsored article:

Sponsored articles are an easy, cost-effective way to reach your target audience. The article is sent to our readers' inboxes in the week's e-newsletter, published to our homepage for one full week, and lives on the website indefinitely. 

Examples of article reviews written by Macaroni KID Overland Park-Olathe-Shawnee:

Examples of an article provided by the sponsor:

Featured guides:

Macaroni KID runs several advertising guides throughout the year that are extremely popular with our readers! They include listings and information about Johnson County area businesses or organizations. 


Dedicated e-blast:

An e-blast is an email dedicated solely to your business, organization, or event. It can be sent on the date and time of your choice to our entire subscription list of more than 10,000 Johnson County families. 


Business directory listing:

Macaroni KID readers look to the business directory to find the local businesses their families need. Going above and beyond that, listing your business in the Macaroni KID Overland Park-Olathe-Shawnee Business Directory plays an important role in your website's SEO. The more sites that link back to yours, the higher search engines rank your website.

Business directory listing example:

Calendar listings:

It is always free to list your FREE or LOW-COST family-friendly events in the Macaroni KID Overland Park-Olathe-Shawnee calendar. Events must take place within our territory of Overland Park-Olathe-Shawnee or closely surrounding areas. 

Let's get started!

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